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7601662 Canada Inc operating as Home Living Dream Inc was established in 2010 in Quebec, Canada. Continually fusing fashion with function. It was founded on the premise that quality and value should go hand in hand.

Home Living Dream  is committed to provide innovative products at the highest level of craftsmanship, combined with maintaining an affordable price. Our team members continually challenge themselves to develop the highest quality products by seeking opportunities to improve and enhance the user experience.

Besides providing smart phone cases & accessories, Home Living Dream has also innovated by offering its valuable customers varieties of Jewelry Boxes, Memory Boxes, Watch cases, Valets etc  made of high quality materials at an affordable price.

We consider various important factors in designing and makings our products, be it our phone wallet cases, Jewelry Boxes or any other accessories, quality is our basic foundation. We put extra efforts in providing our customer the best quality products on the market.

Our brands

  • navor
  • Arolly
  • HLD
  • HLDTech

Please note, in order to provide better shopping experience, we have redesigned Home Living Dream website. We have categorized the main web store into two. navorstore.com is where you can find all phone cases & accessories and Arolly.com is where you can find all jewelry boxes, memory boxes, watch cases and other gift items.

If you have any query or question, feel free to contact us:

 Headquarter Address  

 4090 Ridgeway Drive,

Unit 22-23 Mississauga ON

L5L 5X5, Canada

USA Address

3501 Jack Northrop Ave

Suite #68420 Hawthorne,

CA 90250, USA

   Contact: 1-888-390-7178
email: info@homelivingdream.com
   Working Hours: Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm (EST)

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